Business Casual

You know that business casual attire is welcomed in most professional circles, and let’s face it – you don’t want to be locked into a suit all the time. You want a business casual wardrobe that is easy to wear, in colors that are easy to mix-and-match and doesn’t require you to spend a fortune.

We bring you an extensive selection of:

  • Trousers – wools, wool/silk blends, linen, bamboo
  • Sports coats – aesthetically pleasing patterns, solids, blazers
  • Shirts – more shirts allow you to accessorize and spend less
  • Shoes – Alan Edmonds, Johnston Murphy & Zelli
  • Socks – Pantherella socks
  • Belts – Trafalgar, Torino, and Allen Edmonds

You are provided a polished and professional “casual” look as we deliver the highest quality clothing available anywhere in the Kansas City Metro, custom fit to you.