Custom. A symbol of sophistication.

Crafted to your precise measurements and finished to the highest standards for a unique and unparalleled fit.

Style | Individual

Kopplin’s works with clients keeping that in mind. Some clients only need one or two custom made business suits…others need a new wardrobe. Whatever the case may be, you can rest assured that your tastes and professional goals will be reflected in whatever you choose. Also, since we work with you based on your body and your physical attributes, you can take comfort in knowing that everything that you wear will be custom tailored and as flattering as anything you have ever owned.

Quality | Undeniable

You can buy no more exceptional garment than a Kopplin’s Wardrobe Management & Design garment. Whether you are purchasing custom suits, dress shirts, sports coats or slacks, you can be assured you are buying the best. We feel so strongly about our quality that we unconditionally stand behind every garment we sell.

Fit | Incomparable

Before we make a custom suit, we take twenty measurements. Posture and shoulder slope is noted before body styles are chosen. Then you’re asked questions about problems you’ve had in the past and what you expect from your experience with Kopplin’s. Only then do we go ahead and make your new clothes.

Service | Unbeatable

What separates us from stores and other tailors selling quality clothing is the level of dedication and service we give to our clients. Mike is dedicated to making your new experience the best. Our number one interest is to make sure you get the custom made clothing and look that is right for you. And when problems occur (we are not robots), we will do whatever necessary to ensure your complete satisfaction.