“As someone who always has to have a little bit of work done here and there with every suit I buy, custom clothing wasn’t a hard sell. I always hesitated, thinking the investment was too high. Wrong. Enter Kopplin’s Wardrobe Management & Design. Mike has absolutely amazing source material to work with, great wool you can wear all year, and his skills at making it fit like a glove are unmatched. Completely customizable and stunning suits. Give Mike a call.”

Tom S.

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my suit. For the first time I have a suit that fits perfectly. I couldn’t be happier. I also really appreciate you making sure it was ready on time.”

Roger K.

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Jim F.

“With Mike, I don’t have to worry. My suits are coordinated with my shirts, ties, and shoes. The value I get is worth more than the investment I make in my appearance and my career. I represent not only me but my company when I am in front of the client – and with Kopplin Wardrobe Management services I know I look and present the best I can. Call Mike today – you’ll only wonder why you waited so long to do so.”

Don J.